History of Science

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I -  Lectures (about fifteen, in French) on different tracks :

  • The origins of western science
  • Which Energy sources in 2050 ?
  • The formation and characteristics of the Solar System
  • Related documents

II -  Greece   ( in italian! ), is a directory of facts and scientists in ancient Greece, namely in the hellenistic period (300 bC until 500 aD circa).

III -  Scientific subjects :

  • Physics   ( in english ) is a short description of CERN ( European Center for Nuclear Research ), its Particle Accelerators, and the targets and techniques of experiments with High Energy Particles.

  • Science   ( italien and english), various papers on scientific subjects of interest.

IV -  Pages dedicated to my friend's activity :

  • Antikythera, describes the work of Michael T. Wright, former Curator of Mechanics at te British Science Museum, in London. Michael has spent part of his life in deciphering and rebuilding the most complex device of Antiquity (Ist century BC)

  • Astrario   (in italian), about the replica of the astronomic clock of Giovanni Dondi dall'Orologio (Chioggia 1318 - Genova 1389), by courtesy of Mr Aldo Bullo.

  • Le siège de Jérusalem,   by Giuseppe Fort, translated in French by Claude Courtois Vérine (2005).

  • Le idee dell'astronomia - Come lo studio del cielo ha cambiato il mondo, by Mauro Arpino, of the Milano Planetarium. A very instructive text, both for schools and for lovers of Science History. Freely available on the Web.

V -  Stories, a mix of facts in different places and times.

VI - Pictures, and Family Story are personal pages, reserved to our family.






Note. Compared to some others, my site isn't really modern-styled or animated. I tend to use old-style documents, which can be downloaded and printed for later reading. It's my way of telling complicate stories from A to Z.

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